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March 26, 2018
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TubeMate is an application which helps to download youtube videos directly on the mobile. It stores the desired video in a mobile’s sd-card so that it can be viewed later.  TubeMate app is among the best apps available in 9Apps store.

Some Tips And Tricks To Use The App In A Better Way:

  • Disturbance Free Download: Users can enjoy the great speed of downloading without any interruption with this app. While downloading many videos pauses because of speed problems, Tube mate app doesn’t allow any disturbance so one can download as many videos he wants easily.
  • Hassle free app: Once the video is downloaded it gets stored directly on the mobile phone’s sd card. So there is no tension to search the video in various places. You can simply go to your sd card and get the downloaded video.
  • Easy play: Go to your tube mate app and open the downloaded files there is no need to switch between tubemate and youtube, a user can make his favorite playlist of music, videos and play it whenever he wants.
  • Mp3 Converter: There is an mp3 converter inbuilt in tube mate app. You can convert any song to mp3 version with the help of this app.
  • Sharing facility: Tube mate gives you full chance to share your favorite videos which you have downloaded from tube mate app to share it in social platforms like facebook, twitter, and Instagram so that your family and friends can enjoy the video.
  • Multiple Video Downloading option: In tube mate app you can download as many videos you want and all at one time. So this app is quite useful as we can download many videos easily and quickly with the help of this app.
  • Various useful options available: Stop, pause, resume, play buttons are present in this app. So users can resume a video from the point it stopped downloading and restart the process without much problem.

Tubemate has some fantastic features which make it able to download videos instantly from the internet and this feature is helping TubeMate to accomplish vast popularity.

Specific Features Present In TubeMate App:

  • Easy Download: While downloading, a person doesn’t have to follow any rule, whatever video it is, you can download with a touch of the button
  • Free App: It is the best and free youtube downloader in the market. With TubeMate app you don’t have to spend a single paisa to download your favorite videos and songs.
  • Fast downloading: TubeMate app has an inbuilt fast downloading technology which helps it to download videos quickly.
  • Unlimited Downloading: A person can download as many videos as he wants with the help of TubeMate app.
  • TubeMate app Utilities: this is considered amongst the most popular apps of 9App store gives the opportunity to stop, pause or even cancel a download whenever needed.
  • Unique Music Downloading Option: This app comes with a new music downloading platform where you can download different melodies in numerous dialects.
  • Best Video Quality: TubeMate app gives you the choice to choose the video quality; it even helps to download just the sound from the video in Mp3.
  • No restriction while downloading: You can download as many and as much large video through this app. It can download a video with 4k resolution in a very short time.

Some Disadvantages Of TubeMate App:

  • There has to be copyright records of the video which you want to download. Otherwise this app doesn’t allow you to download that video.
  • In TubeMate app to get recordings in other configuration a person has to switch into mp3.

How to download TubeMate:

  • First you have to go to 9Apps store and search for TubeMateapp.
  • Then you have to click on the “install” button, a popup will show up asking if you surely like to download the app. You have to press “yes”’.
  • Next the downloading process will start automatically.
  • After the downloading is finished you have to open the application, and finally your TubeMate app is ready to download videos and music.

Instructions To Use TubeMate App:

  • While using the app you will realize how easy and the unique TubeMate app is.
  • After browsing the video you have to click on the” green” button located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then you will have the option to choose the desired quality in which you want to download the video.
  • These downloaded videos are stored in your sd card by default. If you want you can create a folder to store your downloaded videos.
  • Next you can enjoy your favorite videos without any disturbances, anywhere and at any time.
  • These multiple features are helping TubeMate app to become quite popular among users. No cost and high downloading speed are the main reasons behind this popularity.



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